Todays Payouts
Updated For: 10/18/2017

Join us at 1221 N. Howard St.

Directly North of the Spokane Arena


Wednesday October 18th


                                       Thursday October 19th

                              REGULAR PICK 8 PAY $200


  Friday October 20th


Saturday October 21th

                                                 B.O.G.O  3:00/7:00

Sunday October 22th







Pick 8 – $9,455

Powerball – $2,222

Plinko – $500

11:30 Hot Ball – $492

3:00 Hot Ball – $100

7:00 Hot Ball – $100


10:45 – $825

6:15 – $1,025


First time playing?

Click here for an Introduction to
SYSA Bingo!

Must be 18 to play, 16 when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Proof of age is required.

“Family sessions” allow kids 10+ to play with a parent or guardian.

** Family sessions are now available at 11:30 and 3:00 sessions every Saturday and Sunday!

Recent Super Texas Blackout Winners!

Win up to $10,000


10/14   J. Dow                   $500

10/15  T. Becker               $500

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What the heck is Super Texas Blackout? Check out our new Bingo Lingo Page to find out!


Lets Play Some Bingo!

Two ways to play
‘Cards by the pack’ or ‘All You Can Play (AYCP)’

Single Pay – $4 for 6 on or $15 for AYCP,        Pays $75
Double Pay – $8 for 6 on or $34 for AYCP,     Pays $150
Triple Pay Plus – $14 for 6 on or $55 for AYCP,     Pays $250
(Triple pay plus not available at 3:00 sessions)

Flimsy packs are only $6 each.
**Extra flimsies not included in Flimsy packs:

$1 Double Action
$1 Powerball
$1 Pick 8
$2 Pick 8 plus
$1 Bonanza

Play everything on the entire program for as little as $15!
Upgrade to a higher level for only $4 more, highest level $10 more!

Cash and checks accepted at the registers, ATM available for Debit users.


Click Here for a Map to the Bingo Hall


Calendar of Events

Hover over an event for full details.

    Oct 4 all-day
    Powerball paying $50/$100
    Secret Bingo Buddy
    Secret Bingo Buddy
    Oct 6 all-day
    Lets have some fun! Each player today will get one half of a drawing ticket. Somebody else in the crowd will get the other half. Each time we have a single winner on regular pack games, we call out that winners ticket number. If you are holding the other half,[...]
    Double payouts
    Double payouts
    Oct 7 all-day
    singles $150 Doubles  $300 Triple  $500   NO TRIPLES AT THE 3:00 SESSION
    $400 bonanza
    $400 bonanza
    Oct 8 all-day
    $100 worst card $100 window shade $200 blackout
    Sysa Bingo
    Sysa Bingo
    Oct 11 all-day
    no 7:00 session
    Balloon Pop
    Balloon Pop
    Oct 12 all-day
    Come join us we will have 12 balloons ranging from $25 to $100 ($25 $50 $75 $100) a singular winner on a regular pack game will be able to pop a balloon for extra money
    Oct 13 all-day
    Top/middle/bottom $150/$200/$250
    Oct 14 all-day
    LevelUp! @ SYSA BINGO | Spokane | Washington | United States
    Will offer higher payouts at no extra cost! Single pays $125 doubles pays $200 triple plus pays $300    
    Oct 15 all-day
    Come in and see us to find out what the special for the session will be…
    $25 Extra if won on a Double Digit
    $25 Extra if won on a Double Digit
    Oct 18 all-day
    Join us at any session for a chance to win extra money! Simply bingo on any game on a Double Digit, and you will win an extra $25! Double Digits are 11 – 22 – 33 – 44 – 55 – 66 Excludes Pick 8’s. and bonanzas
    Oct 20 all-day
    SYSA BINGO! @ SYSA BINGO | Spokane | Washington | United States
    Our regular, yet exceptional BINGO.
    Oct 21 all-day
    BOGO! @ SYSA BINGO | Spokane | Washington | United States
    Buy One, Get One FREE! BOGO at 3 into 7:00 sessions! Play at the 3 pm session and get your regular pack games at the 7 pm session FREE!  
    Oct 22 all-day
    SYSA BINGO! @ SYSA BINGO | Spokane | Washington | United States
    Our regular, yet exceptional BINGO.
    Oct 25 all-day
    .50 cent bonanza  no exchanges
    Monitor BINGO!
    Monitor BINGO!
    Oct 26 all-day
    Every time we have a singular winner on regular pack games, if your number is next in the monitor,you win too! Half of the regular prize payout.
    Freaky Friday
    Freaky Friday
    Oct 27 all-day
    come in too see what we have planned you don”t want to miss it
    $1,000 Barrel Drawings!
    $1,000 Barrel Drawings!
    Oct 28 all-day
    $1,000 in drawings at 11:30am and 7:00pm sessions! $500 from the red ticket barrel & $500 from the yellow ticket barrel *** EXTRA SEATING WILL BE AVAILABLE!  



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